Bin it for beaches this Easter

24th Mar 2016

The Easter weekend is a great time to chill with family and friends. If that means cooking a roast or big meal, chances are you’ll have fats, oils and grease left in your roasting tin or pan. And you might think putting that leftover fat down the sink with hot water and washing up liquid means it runs way never to be seen again.

Here’s the thing: it doesn’t! It sets hard in the pipes and mixes with other unmentionables flushed down the loo like baby wipes and cotton buds, causing blockages.

This can not only mean problems for you at home, but clogged sewer pipes that take waste water away can also cause untreated sewage to run into homes, gardens, streets and even end up in rivers, the sea and on beaches. Yuk!

The average cost of calling someone to clear a blocked drain at your house is £85. More than 50% of blockages are avoidable so we can all do something to prevent this from happening. So if you’re having a big Sunday roast this Easter, or any weekend, please follow these top tips to avoid blockages and help the environment:

· Scrape leftover fat from roasting trays and pans into a heat resistant container then recycle or #binit4beaches when cooled

· Wipe grease left in pans with kitchen roll and #binit4beaches

· Use a sink strainer to catch food scraps and #binit4beaches

· For larger quantities of cooking oils, contact your local council who’ll let you know if they can be recycled

#binit4beaches is a nationwide campaign changing the way we live to help us have cleaner seas. You don’t have to live by the sea to make a difference. Take a photo of your #binit4beaches action and share it on Twitter @LOVEmyBEACH

Have a look at some of the pictures of FOG-laden package sewage treatment plants and pump stations that we deal with... If the FOG (that's Fat, Oil and Grease) doesn't block your drains entirely and ends up in your package sewage treatment plant at best it overloads -and at worst kills - any aerobic sewage treatment processes, turning the process anaerobic and very, very smelly. If the smell doesn't make your eyes water the cost to put the so-easily-avoidable damage right will do.

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