Pumping Stations

Pumping Stations

Pump stations are used to move raw sewage, treated effluent and occasionally surface water from one place to another where gravity flow is not possible. So a pump station could be used to pump raw sewage from a newly-built single house to an uphill main sewer, or to replace an old package sewage treatment plant serving a group of existing properties to a distant main sewer that wasn’t within economic pumping range when the treatment plant was installed. A pump station can also be used to pump treated effluent from a septic tank to a remote drainage field or from a package sewage treatment plant to a remote discharge point on a stream or river.

A package pump station comprises a factory-made vessel, usually GRP or medium- or high density polyethylene (MDPE or HDPE) fitted with rails on which the pumps slide up and down, feet on which the pumps sit, internal pipework, control floats and one or two pumps. It’s called a package pump station because all these items apart from the pumps are factory-fitted, and the pumps lowered into place when on site. The number of pumps fitted to the vessel depends on what’s being pumped, how far and how high, the consequences of pump failure and the level of any back-up service in place. Unfortunately these vital considerations usually fall victim to budget but capital economies made on pumping primary treated effluent and raw sewage especially are most frequently proved false.

It’s essential therefore that if you are the site owner or operator – if it’s your house, hotel, camp site, etc. and you are the one who will be affected by any breakdown - that you get involved in the pump station specification and not allow your contractor, builder or architect to choose it on price grounds alone.

We work with the industry-leading supplier Xylem, with both their Flygt and Lowara brands, and TT Pumps.

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