• Septic tanks surveys if you're buying or selling a house

    2nd May 2019

    We are so frequently contacted by people who are either selling a property or buying one and have been advised – rightly so – by their solicitors to “have a survey done” on the “septic tank” that we’ve put together the following list of questions to help you. It’s very easy for solicitors to say “have the septic tank surveyed” but, unlike a house, practicall..

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  • Septic tanks and 2020

    6th Sep 2018

    There are quite a few websites and businesses claiming that any form of off-mains sewage treatment system that involves a septic tank, of which there are hundreds of thousands in England, must be replaced by a more effective package sewage treatment plant before the beginning of 2020. It’d be great for us as a business if it was true, but it simply isn’t. What the Governme..

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  • Changes to EA permit fees in England

    2nd May 2018

    The Environment Agency in England has been required by the Government to cover its own costs for assessing and issuing new permits to discharge treated sewage to ground via a drainage field or to surface water. It previously covered some of its own costs and received grant finance from central government general taxation to cover the rest. The new charges came into force on 1 ..

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  • British Water Sewerage Infrastructure Off-mains Workshop

    24th Feb 2017

    Want to go straight to booking your place? A simple internet search for "septic tank installer" returns 549,000 results; a search for "package sewage treatment plant" returns 556,000 results. There's no doubt, then, that there's a lot of information, manufacturers and installers out there. But a search for "off-mains wastewater treatment system designer" returns less th..

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  • Northumbrian Water walks the walk!

    21st Nov 2016

    An award-winning scheme launched by Northumbrian Water to help give water pollution the boot is set to grow across the North East region. The initiative involves volunteer Water Rangers walking, weekly or fortnightly, along local public access routes next to streams, becks, burns and bathing waters which are prone to pollution. After completing their walk, Water Rangers then r..

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  • SEPA publishes environmental compliance stats for 2015

    14th Nov 2016

    Air, water and soil pollution in Scotland is now far below the levels seen decades ago. Sepa’s data shows that 87% of Scottish businesses now have a good or excellent regulatory record, with only 7% rated as poor or very poor. Terry A'Hearn, SEPA's CEO: “Our statutory purpose, to deliver environmental protection and improvement in ways which also create health and wellbeing..

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  • Pumps: cost versus value

    24th Oct 2016

    When it comes to specifying pumping equipment, many companies under pressure to cut costs could actually be making decisions that will cost them more in the long run, writes Steve Schofield, Chief Executive, British Pump Manufacturers Association (BPMA) in Water and Wastewater Treatment...

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  • Brexit to water down environmental protection?

    21st Oct 2016

    The result of the EU referendum has triggered a degree of uncertainty unknown in the UK water sector since the privatisation of utilities in England and Wales over 25 years ago, maintains Gareth Jones, MD of WPL International...

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  • Industrial effluent treatment

    8th Aug 2016

    Difficult-to-treat effluent is often the result of challenging industrial processes which create complex wastewater streams...

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  • Lancaster University student helps EA to assess river water quality in north west England

    30th Sep 2016

    A student at Lancaster University's Environment Centre furthered his own knowledge of the nature of the poor state of the rivers Alt and Darwen in north Lancashire for his degree and produced a new model for the Environment Agency to organise and interprettheir catchment area water qualitydata...

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  • Newcastle University and Northumbrian Water launch new research facility for wastewater treatment

    11th Jul 2016

    Newcastle University’s new Biological Engineering: Wastewater Innovation at Scale (BE:WISE) research facility is the largest of its type in Europe...

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  • Tougher penalties for sewage pollution offences

    27th May 2016

    Record fines have been imposed on wastewater treatment companies for causing pollution. But this may just be the tip of the iceberg - all large companies will face stiffer penalties for causing pollution in order to deter others and to protect the environment...

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  • Empty your septic tank!!!

    27th May 2016

    The main reason you should empty or "desludge"your septic tank or package sewage treatment plant regularly is to avoid polluting either the groundwater under the drainage field or the stream or river to which the treated effluent is discharged. In the future there could be another very good reason.....

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  • Northumbrian Water works to reduce flooding and sewage pollution risk in north east

    10th May 2016

    Major scheme to tackle potential flooding and sewage pollution in Brunton Park, Newcastle, starts May 10 2016...

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  • New scheme to tackle FOG from food service industry

    10th May 2016

    “Many food and catering businesses also don’t realise that it’s a legal requirement for them to have systems in place to dispose of their fat, oil and grease in a way that doesn’t clog up our sewer system and is also kinder to the environment. Fat, oil and grease used for cooking, and all other leftover food in the kitchen, should go in the bin rather than down the kitc..

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  • Environment Agency (EA) to trial an industry-first catchment-wide permitting scheme in the West Country

    14th Apr 2016

    Wessex Water has signed an agreement with the Environment Agency (EA) to trial an industry-first catchment-wide permitting scheme in the West Country, with the hope of improving the environment at a lower overall cost...

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  • SEPA at the Edinburgh International Science Festival 26 March - 10 April 2016

    30th Mar 2016

    Have you ever wondered how SEPA investigate pollution? Try your hand at being an Environmental Detective. Drop by and join SEPA on Saturday 9 and Sunday 10 April at Hawthornden Court, National Museum of Scotland from 10am to 5pm. Join their investigative scientists to look at the importance of identifying pollutants and those responsible for causing pollution. In a series of..

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  • Answering the Call of Nature!

    23rd Mar 2016

    Hutchinson Environmental Solutions' Regional Manager for the north west of England, Paul Usher, has, over the past 6 months, been involved in providing best-practice technical advice and regulatory guidance to the Morecambe Bay Partnership's recently launched "Call of Nature" campaign. Intended both to raise people's awareness of where their sewage goes if they're not connected..

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  • Help SEPA tackle pollution in Scotland

    3rd Aug 2015

    Discover how SEPA handle calls about various forms of pollution, including leaking septic tanks and failed drainage fields..

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  • Defra and EA reinforce existing and introduce new rules for septic tanks and package sewage treatment plants in England

    28th Jul 2015

    Defra and the Environment Agency have been campaigning in England since the beginning of 2015 to raise the awareness of owners whose properties are not connected to mains sewers about how to look after their on-site wastewater treatment systems in order to stay within the law by not polluting the environment or causing a public health risk. The last government decided to "make..

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