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Follow the links for detailed information and specifications on Waste Water Treatment (WWT) Systems, Filters, Grease Management, Pumping Stations, Rainwater Harvesting, Sludge Treatments, and other commercial and home sewage treatment products and services.

Brochure / Guide Name
Product or Service


WPL Diamond WPL Domestic and commercial plants from 5 to 55 people
WPL Compact HiPAF WPL High performance domestic and commercial plants from 5 to 60 people
Biorock Biorock Domestic and commercial plant from 5 people upwards
Marsh Ensign and Shallow Marsh Domestic and commercial plants from 5 to to 50 people
Klargester Biodisc BA to BC Klargester Domestic and commercial plants from 5 to 18 people


WPL HiPAF WPL High performance SAF commercial plant from 50 to 3000 people
Kee Process NU-Disc RBC Kee Process High performance RBCcommercial plant from 50 to 1000+ people


TT Pumping Station TT Pumps Surface Water and Sewage Pumping Stations
TT Pumping Station XL Range TT Pumps Large Surface Water and Sewage Pumping Stations


Microscreen WPL Microscreen Drum Filters
RADS WPL Robust Aerobic Digestion Sludge Treatment
TBTM WPL Transportable Biological Treatment Module WWT
BESST WPL Biologically Engineered Sludge Treatment
Conical Tanks WPL Secondary WWT


Rainwater Harvesting WPL Domestic and Commercial Rainwater Harvesting


WPL Add-on filters


Grease Guzzler WPL Bacteriological Grease Management System
Fatstrippa WPL

Waste Water Separation Unit



Flows and Loads 4 (on sizing criteria, treatment capacity for small wastewater treatment systems)

Shows how to calculate hydraulic flows (volume of wastewater) and organic loads (strength of wastewater) from different sources in order to size a package sewage treatment plant

Guide for Users of Small Wastewater Treatment Systems

Gives general information for owners and users of small sewage and wastewater treatment systems/plant, e.g. what you can, and must not, flush, to ensure
that the system works satisfactorily in order not to break down or pollute the environment. Applies equally to septic tanks.

Guide to the Installation of Small Wastewater Treatment Systems

Provides a comprehensive outline of the factors which need to be considered when installing a package sewage treatment plant.

Guide to the Desludging of Small Wastewater Treatment Systems

Enables septic tank and package sewage treatment plant owners and users to understand the operation of sewage treatment systems, especially how and why
they produce "sludge" and why it is important to remove it periodically. It should be read in conjunction with the manufacturers’ literature and other supporting guidance documentation.

Drainage fields for the disposal of septic tank and small wastewater treatment systems effluent

A 2 page summary of BS 6297:2007+A1:2008 Code of practice for the design and installation of drainage fields for use in wastewater treatment. Shows how to carry out percolation tests and the correct construction of drainage field trenches. If you have a new drainage field built, make sure the contractor works to this standard as part of your obligation to fulfil the General Binding Rules.

Food service industry Fats, Oils and Grease

Explains what FOG is, its sources and impacts on business and sets out how FOG should be taken account of in the design, installation, operation and maintenance of food service kitchens.

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