Package sewage treatment plant and pump station install

Recognised expertise

Our business grew steadily from installing land drainage pipe to the complete design and full project management of the installation of wastewater treatment solutions. We are now recognised as expert in the sector. Whether that’s a simple-but-effective septic tank and drainage field to serve a 2 bedroom cottage or a state-of-the-art package sewage treatment plant to serve a 100 bedroom luxury hotel and discharging to a salmon river, our focus and purpose at this stage is clear:

  • to take ownership of and responsibility for the correct installation of supplied finished products
  • to take ownership of and responsibility for the correct construction of bespoke, site-built items and services

All to the agreed specifications, standards, timescales and costs, ensuring compliance with health and safety procedures at all times.

Getting it right

It’s no surprise that the correct installation of any sort of tank in the ground is going to protect it from the effects caused by ground movement or a rising and falling water table and so prolong its useful life. It’s no surprise, either, that the correct installation of a tank in which biological sewage treatment processes take place will facilitate those processes more effectively and more efficiently.

Out-of-level tanks interrupt flow routes that manufactures have carefully designed to ensure thorough treatment; poor ventilation not only contravenes building standards and regulations, it causes unpleasant odours and nuisance; and tanks installed too deeply are not only subject to greater structural loads than they may have been designed to withstand, they are also more difficult to service because of that additional depth. They may even require 2 people to service them for safety reasons. (Interestingly, our greatest demand for deep invert tanks comes from supply-only sources where we have no design input.)

On that same theme, a deeper dig takes very little extra time with modern machinery (although that machinery needs to be capable of operating, and being operated safely, at that deeper depth) but it does produce more spoil to be disposed of and then requires more concrete for the backfill, both of which adds to costs. There is an argument, too, that air pumps on deeper plants have to work harder so they use more power and have shorter lives.

You can begin to see why we stress good design as being so important at the outset…

Experience and competence

The risks associated with unloading and manoeuvring 12m long, 2.5m wide and 3m high, flexing, sometimes top-heavy, pieces of plant worth tens of thousands of pounds around site are very obvious indeed so they are generally well managed and executed by responsible, capable companies operating at this level, using skilled, experienced, trained and qualified personnel. But the risks are the same for installing a domestic septic tank - plant and machinery operating on rough ground and a deep hole to fall into – so the same site planning and management procedures apply and the same experience, expertise and attentiveness is required. It’s not for nothing that our systems, procedures and working practices are certified to ISO9001 and we carry numerous health and safety accreditations and we work to those standards on every site.

Such safeguards save money by combatting complacency, too. Familiarity with different manufacturers’ products is a huge advantage when it comes to speedy and cost-effective installation. It greatly reduces the risk of damage to GRP vessels too. Risk assessments, method statements and safe systems of work serve to protect that advantage by managing risk and minimising downtime.

Peace of mind

We have practised and learned our trade over 42 years and we now excel in our field. Our practical experience, underpinned by documented and independently certified systems, is your guarantee of receiving the installation service that is needed to give you the peace of mind and confidence that in turn affords you the freedom to concentrate on other aspects of your development, your day-to-day business, or just your life.

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