Package sewage treatment plant and pump station maintenance

Looking after your investment

The project is finished and the sewage treatment plant, pump station, septic tank, reed bed, rainwater harvester or grease management system is installed and commissioned. What now? After spending what in most events will probably not be an inconsiderable sum on good design, the right product within that scheme and the system’s correct installation, not only would few disagree that it makes sense to look after it all to ensure long, reliable and efficient service, in the case of sewage treatment it remains a legal requirement that you do not pollute the environment. So the system’s effectiveness must be maintained.

Sewage treatment is no exception to the rule “You get out what you put in” and protecting your investment can’t be contracted out entirely. To paraphrase another saying, like charity, good treatment begins at home. So don’t put anything down your drains that isn’t biodegradable (in days, not years).

Performance management

As a very general rule, single house plant and equipment in the domestic sector requires just one maintenance visit per year. In larger domestic applications and the commercial sector, where the flows and loads are greater, the stress on the plant or pump station and consequences for businesses, in particular,are also greater. The recommended frequency of maintenance visits will be informed by mechanical and electrical upkeep requirements and by the consequences of failure from an environmental and, for businesses again, a financial and PR point of view.

Unlike some maintenance providers, we don’t ask you to hedge your bets or to try to assess the potential risk and cost of a breakdown versus the perceived value of an all-inclusive plan; we offer a straightforward visit price plus the cost of parts used. As part of our visit, we replace consumables that, in light of experience, we judge necessary for the continued satisfactory treatment performance or operating efficiency of the plant before the next service – these generally being low-cost air filters and air pump diaphragms. The size of our maintenance portfolio means that we can negotiate good prices from suppliers and can pass these savings on to you.

Of course, if you’ve bought the product from us, you’ll already have a good idea of these maintenance costs because we’ll have discussed them together as part of deciding which product best suits your needs. If more than preventative maintenance is needed, such as a repair, we report on why that repair is necessary and submit a quote to carry it out.

We are proud to have won, and retained over the years, a number of service agreements covering clients’ assets nationally by delivering better ongoing value and security through responsible, planned, preventative maintenance, and strongly recommend it to all.

Independent accreditation for a dedicated team

In the field, all of our Service Engineers are skilled at and committed to providing a high standard of unobtrusive, courteous and effective maintenance at a realistic and competitive price. As you would expect, all are British Water accredited and can thus fulfil the requirement that maintenance is carried out by a competent person. What’s more, our various health and safety accreditations ensure that site work is carried out in a responsible manner. Nor do our service engineers double up as installers (or our install team members as service engineers): naturally, they understand one another’s roles but stick to doing what they are trained and experienced at doing.

In the office, our full-time Service Manager is supported by an administrative team and a Senior Engineer which means that there is always someone to take your call or answer you email, from a simple query to the coordination of a response in the event of a breakdown. For those customers with business-critical sewage treatment installations, and pumping systems in particular (think hotels and caravan sites in the summer holidays), we also offer out-of-office-hours breakdown response and incident management.

Away from the quite-so-sharp end, we are told our administrative procedures set us apart from the crowd: working hand-in-hand with many of our commercial clients relieves them of a considerable burden of paperwork in maintaining asset registers, asset condition reports for capex planning and maintenance budgeting, service schedules for site access to name but some. What's more, our internal notes have details of particular plants' temperaments and quirks, which becomes particularly relevant when there’s a change of site ownership.

Right first time

We know all too well that living, or operating a business, off-mains can involve remote locations, so our fully-equipped vans carry all the necessary tools and parts to carry out routine – and some not so routine – maintenance and repair at the first visit.

Got a problem?

If we don’t already work with you and if what you’ve got doesn’t seem to be working properly or is causing you some concern, be it a drainage field that no longer drains, a pump station that no longer pumps or a treatment plant that no longer treats, then do get in touch with us: there are few problems that we’ve not come across and successfully resolved before.

We do what we do best so you can get on and do what you do best.

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